Crawdads on the Loose at Dominick’s

13 May



Every Saturday this month, Dominick’s restaurant is boiling 300 lbs. of Louisiana crawfish and you’re invited to rip these bad boys apart. The Rat Pack hangout dating back to 1948 is ditching the traditional white tablecloths in favor of old newspapers, bringing in kegs of Abita Amber, and bringing some New Orleans charm to their patio.


Dominick’s Menu

Last Saturday, I was able to check out the event for myself thanks to the planning of The Minty. We were joined on this beautiful Saturday by Pepsi Monster and Veronica. As I was sipping my coffee and perusing the menus, I was tempted to start the meal off with some highly-recommended pancakes, but reminded myself that I was there for the crawdads.



I quickly finished my coffee, switched to a refreshing Abita Amber draft, and got excited for the two pounds of crawfish ($10.99/lb) coming our way. My crawfish experiences have been limited, and I have to admit that I don’t find them to be the most flavorful crustacean. However, there is something oddly calming and satisfying about peeling crawfish around a table on a lovely afternoon with good company.


Roast Beef Po Boy

Since a man cannot survive on crawfish alone, we  decided to explore other parts of the menu. I’ve been on an oyster kick lately, so I was happy when the table ordered half a dozen oysters ($12). I enjoyed the Carlsbad Luna oysters at City Tavern a bit more, but these were still refreshing. Learning my lesson after my indulgent brunch at Vu weeks earlier (I was pretty useless the rest of the day), I tried to show some restraint when ordering. Fortunately, Veronica ordered the roast beef po boy ($8) and I was able to steal a bite.  I wasn’t really in the mood for roast beef, especially on a po boy, but I am happy to report that it was damn good roast beef. The table was pretty surprised that the only po boy option was beef, but I later discovered that they were also serving a seafood po boy, it just wasn’t on the menu and we weren’t told about it. Bummer, because it looked great.




How to Feed an Army

New Orleans Sno Balls

New Orleans Sno Balls

For dessert, we had the option of four different New Orleans sno balls ($3.25). In an effort to remain abstemious,  and the simple fact that I’m more of a baked goods kind of guy than a sugar and ice fan, I passed on the sno balls but everyone seemed to enjoy their sweet, cold balls. Especially Veronica and Pepsi Monster who opted to add the spiced rum shot for $9.


Sno Ball Fixins

It’s not very often that you get to take part in a crawfish boil in West Hollywood, so consider grabbing a group and heading over to Dominick’s one Saturday in May. And be sure to ask if there are any off-menu items being offered!

Every Saturday in May:  12 pm – 4 pm
8715 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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4 Responses to “Crawdads on the Loose at Dominick’s”

  1. Franklin @dinedelish May 15, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    I always wanted to try this place. I’m not a fan of crawfish, but theirs looks pretty meaty. Those New Orleans snow balls looks perfect for hot summer days. I might just hit this spot in the summer. Thank you!

  2. The Minty May 16, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    Thanks for coming! I love comparing our photos. It’s interesting to see the shots from various angles. If we do go back, yes, we have to get more cups for flip cups and make sure we get fried seafood po’ boys…and pancakes.

  3. courtney (pancakes and postcards) May 16, 2011 at 10:46 pm #

    Pretty awesome. Great pics! What camera do you use?

  4. Ryan May 17, 2011 at 11:09 pm #

    I second that — great pictures! This post reminded me of how much I enjoyed crawfish as a kid — my next-door neighbors were from Louisiana and would throw a crawfish boil party every Spring — now I need to hit up this restaurant the next time I’m in LA!

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