Chimú: Essential Peruvian Takeout

6 Sep


Sea Bass Ceviche

I never would have guessed that my favorite restaurant to open this year would be a takeout spot. You may be tempted to lower your expectations as you walk up to the window situated in Grand Central Market’s outer courtyard, but don’t let the lack of waiters, plates, and general ambiance deter you. After hearing great things from iFlipForFoodMidtownLunchSavoryHunter, and The Find, I was eager to make the descent on the Angels Flight (with grazing goats!) to see what Peruvian wonders were in store.




Duck Leg Escabeche with panamito beans, pickled cherries, cancha

If casual, well-priced Peruvian food featuring excellent ceviche reminds you of Ricardo Zarate’s Mo-Chica, then it shouldn’t surprise you that Chimú chef Mario Alberto spent some time at Mo-Chica as well as Lazy Ox Canteen. Dishes range from $9-12 and I’m yet to experience a disappointing dish. I normally take notes during meals I plan to write about, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put down my fork and pick up a pen. Each bite was that good.


Chancho (Pork Belly) with stewed barley, tomato, huacatay

The menu is constantly changing, so you may experience the same disappointment that I did when I discovered a dish I really wanted to try (Estofado de Lengua – beef tongue) was not offered that day. My recommendation: get a group of friends together as quickly as possible and just order the whole menu at Chimu. With food this good at such reasonable prices, you’ll understand why it’s my favorite new restaurant.


Lomo Saltado with red onions, tomatoes, and rice



Aji de Gallina (shredded chicken) with parmesan, hardboiled egg, and rice


Chimú Menu


Chimú Menu

Grazing Goats at Angels Flight

Grazing Goats at Angels Flight

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3 Responses to “Chimú: Essential Peruvian Takeout”

  1. Darin September 6, 2011 at 11:52 pm #

    Good running into you this weekend, Nick. Loving Chimu…I want to go back, but it’s just so damn hot outside right now (kind of a long walk from work)!

  2. Timmo September 7, 2011 at 6:26 pm #

    Went to a tasting at Silverlake Wines with pairings from Chimu a few weeks ago…very tasty. Glad to hear the takeout’s just as good at the mothership.

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